November 05, 2022

Not a cyclone but close…

No photos to post but Hugh storm last night sneaked in. 
How does a storm sneak in? 
Anyway I’m sure the winds here were in excess of 60 mph last night. 
Power down until recently. 
It’s nice to have electricity though!! 
Hot water. Frozen food staying frozen. 
Showers,,washing machines and dryers. 
I’m accustomed to cleanliness !!

Hoping everyone’s power is back up today. Thoughts of the Inauguration Day storm in 92? I think closes in on me. This wasn’t that bad. 

Enjoy mums instead! 

September 28, 2022


San Antonio TX what a palace of treats. Driving by I knew this was for me. The corner of the block was international Market Style. 
I fit right in. Turkish coffee. Chai tea, meaning the real thing. 
The Baklava was the best I’d ever had! 
The chai tea latte was to die for. Seriously. I need that recipe!!
The desserts gorgeous and delicious. There was a mini Silk Road gallery. I’m sure that sucked me in!!
Then later returned to the cafe next door and ordered Shwarma  pizza.  Good pizza. 
So I left my heart there on that corner and also with those I love who live there. Friends. Family. Etc. 
Visited my nieces ranch. Max loved it. Discovered a porcupine skull there. 
Since then they found the rest of the story!!
The body. 
I Must tell Max! 
His theory was that a snake but it’s h ad off I believe. 
Max is 8. 
We had a great time. He went to see The Banjara show at SAMFA, we all went! 
It was a great show. They displayed it so well. 
I’m grateful. For friends too and bring together again. 
One photo is inside my old retail space now gone Restaurant. It doesn’t look so great as a restaurant. 
Next time I’ll have to go for a month at least to see more friends and spend more quality time with everyone. Thanks to Cyndy and Jeff. And Jerilyn. 
And everyone. Including shaved ice machines. And cones. Ps. Alaska Airlines seats are not tolerable. Hard and narrow snd no place to stretch it was literally a nightmare. So,.,search for airlines with padded seats. 

This is my old furniture and imports store front. It was beautiful then. Carpet that was the same as the original and massive archway. Cool stenciled graphics on doors and windows. Now it’s just blah. 
Below, my Banjara Collection Show.  The ranch, the hotel pool, sweets. Thanks to all. 

August 23, 2022

Laconner today, Christiansen’s Nursery, Snowgoose Produce

Disappointing going out to Laconner today, everything is very expensive. Over priced no matter where you go. 
And for instance the popular Snowgoose Ice cream cones, now 7.00 and hardly fill the cone. I mean, what’s this about. They’re known for a huge ice cream cone and for about 4.00.  People who hadn’t been there were shocked. 
I told the kid they used to be half as much and twice as big but it’s a lie, they were 4 times as large!!
All he did was say, really? Really?
I think he was just too lazy to make a real ice cream cone and knew nothing about CS. I told him I wouldn’t vine back. Thing is it as t just about hm but the squeaky whiny girl who answers my question that she should have just said, I don’t know to. 
Woman at Christensens gift store was too too much. Prices were ridiculous. 
Caravan had nothing ng I was interested in for the prices they had. 
Shopped here forever.  
The Stall was fine. 
Anyway I’m not sure people were buying much. 
Photos of flowers anyway.