March 21, 2022

The Skagit Valley Today. Daffodils.

The fields were off the roads in many places that one cannot get to. It was chilly and rainy so I took photos from in my Element. ( Honda) 
Shopped in town for some gifts and went to a nursery for terrarium plants and whatever. I’ve been taking cuttings of quince for neighbors and a few other plant cuttings. Working in the yard. 
Tulip season is next. Fields of many colors all up north about 40 minutes from home. 
Snow geese were out. I got video and may take screen shots for here later. 

March 15, 2022

Over the years with Fine arts and Craft

My career has spanned many decades of self expression, of experimenting, studying, adventures, learning, sharing and enjoying the wider world of artistic endeavors. Culture has been a major theme and my innate desire to learn more, share more, make more and save more for posterity. 

Here are pieces from a few collections that I have put together over the years and connected my studies to and for. 
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I dedicate  my endeavors to children who need color to develop naturally. Who need art materials and  exposure to multi cultural expressions…And to the better world they’ll create if art is an integral part of their experience. So this work I do is dedicated to all! 

Banjara dress yolks and kuchi beaded necklaces will be showing in a museum this summer for several months. 
I have more collections as well. I hope if you see this and like it you’ll let me know and let your local museum know. And if you relate to my cause. Please donate. Thank you. Get in touch ok? 

Thank you.