April 28, 2017

Quinault Lodge

This is a favorite place I found exploring by myself years ago.

I have enjoyed coming here to restore and often meet up with people I perchance to meet and connect with.

Today I met Ann and Stan from NY.
They've been coming here for 25 years from NY.

I've been coming here for maybe 16 years. But they come every year.

The lodge was built in a little over 2 months time in 1929. Trees below are only 85 years old.

The Quinault

Met some wonderful people here.
Yesterday. Anne, and Stan.
If you see this leave a
Message. It's private. I'd love to stay in touch!

The three of us stood by the large rain gauge talking for a spell. In the rain. Refreshing.

April 25, 2017

Views From Home

Strait of Juan de Fuca , Salish Sea, Rivers, Blue Flax, pasqueflower flowers, cats.

April 24, 2017

Unexpected Company and a trip to LaConner (tulips) and Bowman Bay hike.

A feast afterwards of traditional NW cuisine , fresh halibut, thnx Bob and Dungeness crab, thanks again Bob.

Beautiful fresh Washington state asparagus, with shallots and vegetable bullion. and large delicious Brussels sprouts in a curry sauce.

Tulips were beautiful, visited Christiansons nursery too,. and Snowgoose produce. A really sweet hike and putting together a feast, after 3 hours sleep last night I'm really tired.
Sorry no photos of 12 crabs and 45 lbs of halibut. Or dinner.

April 11, 2017

This was my main blog for a long time...

I used my blogs doing HTML to experiment with color borders and interesting sidebars, and seasonally changing colors etc. Basically to create new exciting looks.

So I had 5-6 blogs I worked on
My sidebars on this one was extensive.

The blog ended up usually being turquoise and blue and ? I've forgotten. When google took over I lost everything. And interestingly google was all over my blogs every single day. Often off and on all day.
Then they came out with colors to change backgrounds etc and patterns. The stuff I was always messing around with.
So I think they were using my ideas.
It's ok. I was learning for me. I have many more inventions where those came from.
So if you're here, this blog prob has same photos as my other blogs. Some do. Some don't.

The idea was never to make a splash in the blog world. It was experimentation and learning.

April 10, 2017

Inside to out

A small journey into the still quiet night and Rosehill, then Mukilteo Train Station.

From cozy comforts by the fire, and reminders of a friends collecting seashells, and sea glass, a memory only now is left for me since she's gone now. Dorothy was a good friend, and it's sad at this point remembering
Our walks and talks, train trips, collections, plays, museums, and films. . The best of what we shared.

Losses become more wrenching with all the others that arise at such a time.