August 05, 2020

Calling Lars

Are you in VA or in Sweden? 
I can’t find you but if you see this please send a message. 
I’ve wondered how you’re doing! 

July 24, 2020

Design and Color, a Look Inside

And not just peony petals!
 Wasabi eggs, (my design)  apricots, tart dried cherries and walnuts,
with salmon,
 to break fast
Maps n murals and round tables..

Ottoman Empire
Rose petals

 Someone left the camping basket out!
Cows n vases, urns...
 Sweet collections.
Persian saltbag on the  chair
 Lamps n things
 Drum from Rwanda

Rabbits Foot Fern
The new rug
 Flokati and suzani
And some of my tiles.
 These are also part of a corporate collection
Of my tiles.
Burnt Offerings.
Below, Buddha..

Plants indoors.

From the Garden

 Basically flowers but some yellow squash which the squirrels think are large peanuts and are stealing while little and burying. The blueberries are food for mother robin and her babies. 
The slugs got the pumpkins. 
I don’t know if they’ll survive I moved the pumpkin. 
Garlic is fine.otherwise
 Scented roses are sweet
 Baby bunny loves the tiny carrots 
 A lone tomato
Hydrangeas ...
Lettuce is fine and edible.
 Not shown. 


June 12, 2020

Peonies still bloom

After the rain they have to be shook out or they'll rot and turn brown. The coral one is coral charm. There's a larger version, early coral charm. Spectacular.