April 11, 2015

A pink dogwood from

The Arbor Foundation. 
Started out a thin stick and now it's a bigger stick. 

The flowers are so vulnerable looking atop that tiny trunk. 

April 04, 2015

Happy Easter

Hoping you all dye eggs. 
It's fun and an ongoing tradition. 
Color is a spring tradition. 

The earth inspires... In spring. 

Calligraphy= death

Calligraphy= life

A flower from a wooded walk today...

April 01, 2015

Tulips starting to bloom in the valley. Puddha, and changing Suzanis out..

Tulip fields.. Refreshing!!!

He's my Puddhart

This velvet Suzani is a real favorite.. 
And pillow with bird, I love! 

Chaise is regal with the Ger wall cover. 
Tulip Bukhara suzani. 

A few minor changes. Drum, tsunami sculpture, green basket. Ok other stuff and a lot more to do. 

I am hardly mended from the surgery but I feel like I'm 16 again. Energy is returning. It's amazing, breathing. 
And pain going and still have some 
Tweaking to do but I am not sure I've ever felt this way exactly. 

Finally doctors and dentists are figuring it out. It's great. 

March 08, 2015

Close up of Suzani's

Samarkand unusual 
melon sprouts...

Samarkand classic 
sun roundels 

Boysun Suzani detail 

 Terrarium with cyclamen
This year I have azalea but will possible redo it. Maybe
I can find small cyclamen again. 
It's pretty interesting with blooms.    

March 04, 2015

Some stuff I've made

Growing the Kiku and this is a pitcher I made. Used as vase. 
Btw. I ordered my mums for this year!!

A special pillow I made and really didn't know why. For someone I didn't know. 
Turns out I have Soo much in common with this person. It's really a miracle. 

A hat I designed and made for my daughter. (one of)

Graphic art work

Alkaline glaze. Wood fired in woodfire kiln I built. 
Elephants foot my friends call it. 

February 24, 2015

Spring comes soon.. We've had some sun...

Roses indoors are nice. 
As a gift even better. 

Suzani, hand embroidery in silk. 
Peppers. Bukhara. 
Nice bright colors for dreary days. 
This one has nice movement in the design. 

The large Samarkand detail...( below)
One dial that reverberates like the sun. 
The entire suzani is very large. Maybe 14'x 27'
I never measured. It fits the wall very well though. 
Silk Road dowry items
I so appreciate the work made by these women for their daughters. 

Soon a lost art. I'll hope to have these in a museum for all to see and learn of this culture. 
The daisy like flower is blue. 
When you walk into this room, this suzani seems to vibrate like the Suns rays. It has 8 large medallions like this.
You can see the impact of the design around the center of the dial in ted, white and black and sense even in this one sundial the energetic movement I speak of.