June 21, 2019


Roses and, peonies below 
Coral charm peony 

January 26, 2019

Oregon Coast for my Birthday. Eclipse, Inn at Arch Rock, The Sylvia Beach, Depoe Bay to Heceta Head

Inn at Arch Rock in Depoe Bay has a nice water feature.
The ocean.  
Owners make fresh pastries for breakfast. 
The room here, cottage, 2 queen beds. 
They aren’t comfortable. But they look really nice. 
Should replace mattresses.
They serve Sherry in the rooms here.
Sweet nightcap for Jerez.
(Sherry in Spanish) 

The table is perfect.
Watched eclipse from here. Like a pearl in the sky.
 Stunning through binoculars.
Charged my birthday ruby ring by the eclipse as a reminder of the power I hold as a being.
Energy goes where attention flows.
We create what we imagine and think about.
Some people destroy with their imbalances.
As we see all too often.
My ruby ring was forged as a gift for me by a jeweler in Newport.
Morello’s at Nye Beach.  Hsndmade pasta. 
Good pizza. Good service. 

Arch Rock stand holds everything. 

January 25, 2019

Cape Perpetua and Depoe Bay, the Oregon Coast

Waves were over 20’ today...

Large waves boomin’ on the bay.