October 22, 2018

Pearrygin State Park

Visiting beloved Puddha, my friend and cat. He left for this wilderness at age 20 in February. We were together 16 years. He called me to a shelter where his previous people left him.

Extraordinary companion, he hiked with me. He sat next to me and slept on my bed, met me at the door, looked for me in the house, watched for me out the window. My first kitty, a short haired American Tuxedo. The best.

October 16, 2018

Paul Allen

Paul Allen
Always hoped I might meet this man.
He was born on my birthday but not the same year.
He was an inventive conceptualists personality type INTP, same as me.
I was fascinated with his contributions
To our area and humanity and that he saw no need to wield political power.

I wish he hadn't been ill and had to leave so soon.
My condolences to the area and to his sister. Thanks Mr Allen, for being.

When autumn comes I'll think of you.
A man as large as a mountain. I'm
Sure you had many friends and fans.
I was only one out here in Mukilteo area.

North Cascades Highway. Cascade Pass. And an alpine lake near Mazama Where I hiked recently.

October 10, 2018

Washington Pass and Snow Country habitat.

The Pass about 5000'
Soon, the Cascade Loop Highway will be closed due to snow.
The Chewuch River from a home away from home in Winthrop.

Soon I'll come here to ski x country perhaps. Rivers running fast and burbling along. Air is cold and moist.
Welcome to the snow country!

September 19, 2018

I’ve been away. My favorite hotel on the Oregon Coast.

This is my favorite room. It's the Collette Room. It has a fireplace and balcony. A queen and twin bed.
It is on 3rd floor and faces the beach and out over the Pacific Ocean.
This room is the same price all year round. As is the Mark Twain room.
Which also faces the Pacific.

This is at Nye Beach.
No TV here folks. Only books.
Nice library. Overlooking the ocean too.
Breakfast, family style.