July 21, 2015

From Lummi Island

Lummi island is an isle in the Archipelago of the Salish Sea.

I have friends here and often stay on the island.

My daughter was here and we stayed on the island awhile, the weather was stunning.

We enjoyed lunch and vino at the cafe on the porch and watched sailboats sail by.

I'm going to take sailing lessons again. It's been since I was a kid.

June 07, 2015

Some scenery of MT Rainier today.

1.Christine Falls, making a rainbow. A pretty stop to make.

2. The porch at Longmire
3. Rainier from the porch.
4. Beargrass has taken to blooming.
5. A deer eats shrubbery at Paradise.

Beautiful weather.
Well maybe a bit too hot.
The mountain has gotten crowded.
You may want to wait.
Come back in the fall.

June 03, 2015

MT Rainier

It's a clear day at the mountain.
Saw 3 bears...
From a safe distance, like, bearly!^^
Mom and Cubs.
Black bear.

Common here.

So it's another sunny temperate day in the PNW, unusually sunny this year.

The mountain is beautiful too and some of the flowers are blooming. Bear Grass for instance. A few others.

Nice room at Paradise.
The lodge.

This was taken from Enumclaw.

April 11, 2015

A pink dogwood from

The Arbor Foundation. 
Started out a thin stick and now it's a bigger stick. 

The flowers are so vulnerable looking atop that tiny trunk. 

April 04, 2015

Happy Easter

Hoping you all dye eggs. 
It's fun and an ongoing tradition. 
Color is a spring tradition. 

The earth inspires... In spring. 

Calligraphy= death

Calligraphy= life

A flower from a wooded walk today...

April 01, 2015

Tulips starting to bloom in the valley. Puddha, and changing Suzanis out..

Tulip fields.. Refreshing!!!

He's my Puddhart

This velvet Suzani is a real favorite.. 
And pillow with bird, I love! 

Chaise is regal with the Ger wall cover. 
Tulip Bukhara suzani. 

A few minor changes. Drum, tsunami sculpture, green basket. Ok other stuff and a lot more to do. 

I am hardly mended from the surgery but I feel like I'm 16 again. Energy is returning. It's amazing, breathing. 
And pain going and still have some 
Tweaking to do but I am not sure I've ever felt this way exactly. 

Finally doctors and dentists are figuring it out. It's great.