April 11, 2017

This was my main blog for a long time...

I used my blogs doing HTML to experiment with color borders and interesting sidebars, and seasonally changing colors etc. Basically to create new exciting looks.

So I had 5-6 blogs I worked on
My sidebars on this one was extensive.

The blog ended up usually being turquoise and blue and ? I've forgotten. When google took over I lost everything. And interestingly google was all over my blogs every single day. Often off and on all day.
Then they came out with colors to change backgrounds etc and patterns. The stuff I was always messing around with.
So I think they were using my ideas.
It's ok. I was learning for me. I have many more inventions where those came from.
So if you're here, this blog prob has same photos as my other blogs. Some do. Some don't.

The idea was never to make a splash in the blog world. It was experimentation and learning.

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